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Canine Rehab Center | Theraputic ExerciesRehab Veterinarians:

  • Advanced training, expertise, and experience in diagnosing and managing rehab cases
  • As a veterinarian, rehab practitioners can evaluate the patient as a whole and not just focus on a single injury
  • Rehab practitioners may also play a role in your patient’s overall pain management via traditional pharmaceuticals as well as incorporating other modalities like therapeutic laser, cryotherapy, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy, electrical stimulation, etc

Rehabilitation appointments:

  • Patients are treated on a referral basis
  • The primary care/referring veterinarian receives regular status updates
  • Initial rehab evaluation includes:
    • Detailed history regarding lifestyle, physical activities, diet, current medications/supplements, and desired outcome of rehabilitation
    • A thorough orthopedic and neurologic examination
    • Measurements of joint range of motion and body mass
    • A specific rehab program is designed based on the individual pet’s needs
  • Owners may stay with their pet during rehab sessions
  • Rehab room has separate entry with convenient parking and easy access

Canine Rehab Center Houston | Rehab Room