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Neuromuscular and Transcutaneous Electrical Stimulation

Canine Rehab Center Houston | EstimE-stim/Electrotherapy utilizes an electrical current to stimulate muscle or nerve tissue. We most commonly use e-stim for patients that have a peripheral nerve injury that we expect to return, like radial nerve paralysis or a brachial plexus injury. E-stim can also be used for pain control and post op attenuation of muscle atrophy. When treating paralyzed patients, e-stim can increase sensory awareness and provide muscle reeducation. It helps maintain healthy denervated muscle while the nervous system heals so we can try to prevent worsening muscle atrophy. Placing electrodes on muscles that are not being actively used and giving even a mild tingling sensation may provide sensory feedback and cause the patient to contract the muscles in that area.