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Weight Management

Canine Rehab Center | Weight ManagementOverweight pets put extra stress on not only their joints but also their cardiovascular system. Rehabilitation therapy techniques can also be used for weight management. Physical fitness and high quality nutrition are key to keeping your pet fit. During a rehabilitation consultation, we take a series of body measurements to better assess body condition and muscle mass. Body weight alone often does not adequately describe an individual’s body condition. A conditioning plan can be created based on the patient’s assessment. An out of shape, obese dog may not be able to go jogging for weight loss but controlled exercise indoors on the land treadmill might be an option. The underwater treadmill provides reduced load bearing exercise due to the buoyancy of the water. Preparing a weight management program involves designing a practical exercise routine for both the owner and the pet. Proper nutrition is also important for weight management and part of our rehabilitation evaluation includes a discussion of diet and nutritional needs.